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Pet grooming in Perth: Couture Canine co-founder Charmaine Cayeux opens up to growing demand from fur parents

Spending thousands of dollars on pet grooming might seem like something only the Kardashians would do, but families in Perth are spending big bucks to keep their beloved pooch looking their best.

The global pet care industry is worth $374 billion. Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world, so it’s no surprise that dog grooming businesses are booming in the west.

Charmaine Cayeux, co-founder of Couture Canine Grooming, pioneered the opulent nature of caring for her furry friend in West Perth and amassed a large clientele of owners willing to shell out tens of thousands of dollars every year to maintain the immaculate appearance of their animal. .

Ms. Cayeux’s luxury services, which include “dog facials”, jacuzzi sessions, nail painting and stylized haircuts, can range between $150 and $500.

Camera iconYorkshire Terriers like Kenzo, along with Cavoodles, make up ‘90%’ of Couture Canine’s furry customers in West Perth. Credit: Ross Swanborough/western australia

Due to extremely high demand, the company has a waiting list of over 50 dogs from across the state, who will wait at least a year to secure a coveted spot.

“We’re developing this dog grooming culture in Perth where it’s perfectly acceptable to take your dog for a brush twice a week,” she said.

“We have clients who spend over $400 a week and have done so for 15 years.”

Ms Cayeux revealed that 90% of Couture Canine customers are professionally owned Cavoodles and Yorkshire Terriers who work in Perth’s CBD – and drop off their best furry friends in the morning to be groomed and attend ‘nursery for dogs”.

Loyal customer Amanda Krzywoszyja, who regularly pampers her miniature poodle Henry Danger, believes social media has had a big influence on the rise of luxury pet grooming.

“One in two pets seems to have Instagram, so it’s that (online) social presence,” Ms Krzywoszyja said.

“Also, my partner will take Henry for a walk and he’ll be like ‘Oh my God. I’ve got so many comments on how beautiful she is and it’s that proud smiling moment of how you care about them and (how) they live their best life.

“At the end of the day, they’re our best friends and they haven’t been around long, so why not give them the best possible opportunity to be spoiled.”

Kim Kardashian has made no secret that she pampers her fur baby.
Camera iconKim Kardashian has made no secret that she pampers her fur baby. Credit: Kim Kardashian/instagram

It seems that luxury brands are also looking to cash in on the booming industry, charging an obscene amount of money for everyday pet care items like brushes and collars.

Last month, Italian fashion house Gucci launched a pet collection with sky-high prices of up to $12,000 for a dog bed, $630 for a poop bag holder and $570 for a leash. of creator.