Pet grooming

Pet grooming school offers retraining for ex-military

A leading pet grooming school now offers a range of courses for those leaving the armed forces.

Four Paws Groom School courses in cat grooming, dog walking and pet sitting were recently approved by the Department of Defense so that service personnel leaving the Army, Navy or the RAF can now choose from five different ratings when considering their next steps. Qualifications in canine grooming and canine first aid were already available through the school.

Fern Gresty and Sarah Mackay, owners of Four Paws and the iPET Network organization, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer an even wider range of qualifications for those looking for a new career after serving in the armed forces.

“Those leaving the armed forces can receive up to £2,000 to cover the cost of training for a new career.

“We understand that the prospect of starting a new job can be very daunting, so the qualifications we offer provide all the training and skills needed to work with animals, which we both know is incredibly rewarding.

“Those with armed forces experience have a wealth of transferable skills and are a real asset to the animal industry. We look forward to enrolling more of these capable and talented individuals in our courses in the months ahead.

Former Army dog ​​handler Jessy Brown chose to retrain as a dog groomer after being discharged on medical grounds.

The 22-year-old from Northern Ireland is studying for the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management at Bone Idol Academy in Hove.

She said: “I’ve always worked with animals – before I joined the military I worked in animal shelters. I have always been around dogs and love going to work and being with dogs all day.

“That’s why I’ve chosen grooming as my next career option, it’s a natural transition, and I won’t miss the canine companionship I enjoy so much.”