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Pet salon extends paw print in Fondren

Amanda’s Pet Salon is offering dog and cat owners in the Fondren, Jackson area a new option for pet grooming right in the heart of their neighborhood.

Open April 4, the salon occupies a 1,600 square foot home at 419 Mitchell Street. It is located in front of the Orange Peel consignment store.

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The Fondren location is an extension of Amanda’s Pet Salon, which is located at 2617 US 49 S in Florence. The Florence location, which is across from Cole Dentistry and Chancellor Funeral Home, will remain open.

Why the expansion at Fondren?

“Fondren is an arts district, and everyone in this area has pets,” said Valerie Schmitz who, along with his wife, Amanda Schmitz, is the co-owner of the show. “There was no one in this area to serve people with pets. Having a store there was a dream for us.

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The salon offers professional grooming, hair removal service, flea shampoos and nail clippings and accepts all breeds of dogs or cats, said Valerie Schmitz. Donna Downing and Teresa Oswalt work as groomers at Fondren’s salon, and Michael Hurtt is an assistant groomer.

Valerie Schmidt said that she and Amanda had searched for 10 months for a suitable location for the living room – “We wanted a detached house” – and had almost given up when their real estate agent called them and told them about the house that was once. hairdresser.

“All the plumbing was already installed,” she said. “All that frustration we were feeling is gone.”

Just a few electrical outlets had to be switched to accommodate a washer and dryer, and new equipment was purchased and installed, said Valerie Schmitz.

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Owners of breeds ranging from Standard Poodle to Shih Tzu regularly bring their dogs for grooming, but owners of Labrador retrievers, who have them shaved for the summer too, said Valerie Schmitz, owner of two Great Danes named Ellie and Babs. and a chocolate cocker spaniel. named Lucy Sky.

Even cat owners use grooming services. “A lot of people are going to have cats shaved, especially Maine Coons, for the summer,” she said.

Fondren’s salon also has a retail area with merchandise such as dog collars, leashes, water bowls, and name tags that can be engraved while you wait.

Pet grooming is nothing new to Amanda Schmitz. She worked in a veterinary practice when she was 15 and, with a small loan from her parents, opened her own business in 2000, when she was just 19.

Amanda Schmitz is the owner of the Florence store and also a groomer. Valerie Schmitz is the manager and Angela Sparks is the groomer.

The Amanda Pet Salon in Fondren is open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for customers who come to pick up pets that have been groomed. For more information, call 601-906-7326.

Amanda’s Pet Lounge in Florence is open Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for guests picking up pets. For more information, call 601-891-8229.

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