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SINGAPORE – A pet salon that allegedly abused a dog it was caring for is now under investigation.

In a video posted to social media on Sunday, October 24, a groomer can be seen hitting and choking a brown poodle. Another pet owner had caught her in the act.

According to the caption of the video, the incident happened on October 23 at 6:26 p.m.

The National Parks Council (NParks) said on Tuesday that the Animal and Veterinary Service, a group under NParks, was investigating the incident.

Ms Jessica Kwok, Director of the Community Animal Management Group at NParks, said: “We take seriously all comments received from the public on cruelty to animals and are concerned about the alleged case of animal abuse reported to The Fur Room. “

A staff member at The Fur Room, which is in the Serangoon area, posted a statement on the salon’s Instagram account on Monday apologizing to the dog’s owner and expressing remorse over the incident.

In the video, a groomer can be seen combing the poodle’s fur on a table shortly before it falls to the ground.

Another groomer takes the dog and puts it back on the table.

The first groomer then picks up the dog and shakes it by the neck and tail before putting it back on the table.

Referring to the poodle as “A,” the staff member who issued the apology said, “A has been our regular customer and although it was difficult to groom him due to his hyperactivity, we took it for granted. this familiarity with A and was more brutal with him during this particular grooming session because he was not cooperating with us. ”

The staff member added that they should have been more attentive when the poodle was near the edge of the table.

“All of this shouldn’t have happened and it was unprofessional of us to react in this way. It was one-time negligence on our part and we should have been more patient and understanding towards A,” said the staff member.

Dr Jaipal Singh Gill, executive director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), said the organization had received several reports about the incident.

“No animal should be handled in this way,” said Dr Gill, who added that animal abuse is punishable under the Animals and Birds Act.

Pet owners should send their pets to groomers who use low-stress techniques, but it’s also important for owners to watch the grooming session, he said.

“If you (the owners) feel uncomfortable with the way your pet is being treated, end the session and encourage your groomer to learn about human handling.

“If your groomer refuses to use humane methods, find another groomer. If there has been any abuse, report the incident to authorities,” added Dr Gill.

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