Pet salon

Pet Salon Offers TLC Grooming At Affordable Prices

“Nancy is a sweet and loving woman and someone we absolutely love,” Werme said. “She is very animal friendly. Mai Tai (Werme’s toy poodle) is always happy when I hug him and take care of him to perfection.”

Zufferey opened their home salon in 2009.

“Nancy is a perfectionist and noticed Mai Tai had an ear infection,” Werme said. “She is a trusted professional who is an asset to our community.”

Zufferey said she is passionate about animals and goes out of her way to make them feel loved and comfortable. She apprenticed with two master groomers and works alone, grooming one dog at a time.

“It’s a quiet, uncrowded place,” she said. “Dogs can be nervous about the process, so they should be cared for in a calm and loving environment.”

Services include bathing, brushing, nail trimming for cats and dogs, teeth cleaning, mid-maintenance, massage, gentle stretching and introductory puppy grooming.

“This is an opportunity for the puppies to know and trust me,” Zufferey said.

The massage packages contain lavender, a natural lollipop. Praise and play time after the groom is generously provided. Prices vary depending on breed and service.

Special benefits include veterinary grade multivitamins, dietary / supplement recommendations, natural / holistic foods, essential oil sprays, and lessons for owners on maintenance grooming and how to physically handle their dogs.

After grooming, dogs stay in a secure, padded area with toys and treats.

Pets depend on us, Zufferey said. “They give us unconditional love and dedication. In return for all their affection and joy, we owe it to them to look after their health, hygiene, safety and protection, and to give them all the love and care as we can. “

Nancy’s Dog Grooming & Spa Salon is licensed and certified by the state. Located at 10 Fox Run in Sherman, the lounge offers flexible appointments; call 203-722-1825 or email Zufferey at [email protected]