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Pet salon owner arrested after shocking clips of employees beating dogs go viral

Police have charged the owner of a pet salon in the New Territories in connection with a series of heartbreaking videos showing salon workers beating dogs they were supposed to groom.

The suspect, Bui Lau-ying, 28, was not required to argue in Fanling Magistrates’ Court this afternoon, and the court decided to adjourn the case until May 18 pending an investigation. more thorough policing.

Apple Daily reports that Meanwhile, Bui was released on bail. of HK $ 10,000 (USD 1,300) in cash, but that she was not allowed to work in the salon, participate in animal work, leave Hong Kong, or contact former clients or former or existing salon employees. *

Shortly after the woman in Yuen Long was arrested on Saturday at around 4:25 p.m., police went to her living room on Chui Yi Street in Tai Po to investigate, seizing evidence including CCTV footage and a stick. rattan, which appeared to feature in some of the videos. .

Speaking to reporters outside the company, Chong Shing-yat, the Tai Po district deputy crime commander said the videos showed at least three dogs being beaten on different occasions.

Chong said they were alerted to the case after someone called them in the early hours of the morning about the videos online. He said although the videos show three cases of abuse there could have been more, and urged anyone who had used the salon in recent months to come forward if they suspected their dogs had been abused.

According to i-Cable, the abuses in question took place at the salon at the end of last year.

A video shows an employee hitting a small white dog at least 20 times with her hands and a rattan stick. At various points in the video, which is less than two minutes long, she saw the dog throw the dog against the table, violently whip it back and forth by the tail and grab it by the neck.

A second video shows an employee kicking and hitting a large brown dog while it is attached to a leash before pulling it by the collar, and a third shows an employee hitting a brown dog of at least 10 medium size times on a grooming table with his hand and a rattan stick.

Since the arrest, Apple Daily published two more videos. One showed an employee pulling what appears to be a border collie by the tail, throwing him against a stool, kicking him several times and hitting him on the head. The second shows an employee manhandling a small white dog while she cuts his hair.

Tai Po District Councilor Wong Siu-kin posted on Facebook this afternoon that he had so far been contacted by around 30 dog owners who believe their dogs have also suffered injuries in the living room. Wong shared photos of some of the alleged injuries and said he and his team would contact dog owners for legal advice on claims against the salon.

According to Ming Pao, the pet salon in question, the Royal Dog House, posted to Facebook shortly after the owner’s arrest to confirm that the person filmed committing the abuse was an employee, not the owner, and that they had since been fired.

The salon’s Facebook page appears to have since been deleted and the salon has been closed since Sunday. Phone calls to the company went unanswered today.

NOTE: This article has been updated to include details about the suspect’s appearance in Fanling Magistrates’ Court.

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