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pet salon owner Rindge faces animal cruelty charge after dog dies | Local News

RINDGE – When Pamela Forrest dropped off her recently adopted dog at a Rindge pet salon a month ago, she had no idea it would be the last time she would see him alive.

Shortly after leaving Jed, a Shih Tzu mix of around 2 years old and 17 pounds, at the Pearly Pond Pet Salon for a bath, Forrest said, she got a call from the salon saying something was wrong. .

“I don’t know what happened, but within 18 minutes I didn’t have a dog,” said Forrest, of Rindge.

Forrest alerted Rindge Police, who opened an investigation into the case.

On March 24, they arrested Pearly Pond Pet Salon owner Andrea O’Connor, 54, of Rindge and charged her with animal cruelty, a misdemeanor. She was subpoenaed to appear on May 18 in the 8th District Circuit Court Division in Jaffrey.

O’Connor declined to comment on the case Monday afternoon.

Rindge Police Chief Todd A. Muilenberg declined to provide details of the case during court proceedings. But he confirmed that the accusation was linked to Jed’s death.

Muilenberg said the investigator had consulted a veterinarian for an opinion on the cause of Jed’s death and established the probable cause that the dog had suffered some form of abuse.

Forrest adopted Jed from Broken Tail Rescue in Worcester, Massachusetts on February 24.

Jed – formerly known as Johnny Depp – was struggling with trust after being overlooked, according to an announcement from the relief organization.

On February 29, Forrest took him to Fieldstone Animal Hospital in Rindge, where she said he received good health.

Forrest brought Jed to the Pearly Pond Pet Salon on March 8. She said she has been taking her dogs to the salon for over 10 years and never had any problems.

Shortly after dropping off Jed, Forrest said she got a call from the salon saying there was a problem and she was coming to pick it up.

When Forrest got there, she said, her dog was dead.

She brought Jed back to Fieldstone Animal Hospital, who performed an autopsy and helped with the police investigation, according to Dr. Heather L. Sawyer, veterinarian and owner of the hospital.

Sawyer declined to reveal the autopsy results due to the investigation, but confirmed that Jed’s February exam showed him to be in perfect health.

Forrest, meanwhile, wants answers.

Jed “had a tough life and he didn’t deserve to end up this way,” she said.

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