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Pet store, groomer and dog daycare offer new services

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Three Amarillo pet stores and services have opened to care for the community’s dogs, cats and birds. With a variety of new services, such as pumpkin spice scent baths and enrichment day care centers, pet owners have plenty of options to spoil their furry friends this season.

Although Animal House has been around for a while, it is now under new management and recently launched a new customer service initiative.

Animal House, which is located inside a house in South Amarillo, is run by two new dog groomers, one of whom has been nominated for the best dog groomer in Amarillo.

Along with this change of leadership, the show launched a new customer service initiative. Each customer who enters is entered into a draw for special holiday baskets.

“With the basket, we wanted to pamper you and your furry babies, so we wanted to give you something that you both can enjoy,” said Leticia Vandiver, Animal House dog groomer and top dog groomer. from Amarillo. “For the fall Halloween basket, we made a very soft basket and it has pumpkin and leaves on it, an apple cider candle, Fruitibles [that are] pumpkin and banana flavor, and some squeaky toys.

Animal House loves the holiday spirit so much that they have special scents for your dogs for each season.

For now, you can wash your dog in a scent of pumpkin spice or cinnamon apple, accompanied by a matching cologne and a matching dog bandana.

Above all, Animal House believes their special attention to dogs is what sets them apart.

“It’s a very small place, so it’s a bit more one to one. They are literally right behind me, they can see us, they know we were here. They’re comfortable, they’re not scared, it’s warmer, “Vandiver added.

If you need to watch your furry baby when you go to work, Central Bark recently opened and offers what they call an “enrichment” doggy day care center.

Central Bark Amarillo believes in providing an emotional experience for dogs as well as a physical experience.

Employees teach dogs to sit, lie down and shake hands.

They also offer group games for dogs to socialize with each other, a nap, and special learning tools to keep their minds busy.

“During their group play time, we work on simple manners, on controlling doors, playing with them… then while they are standing we provide them with an enrichment toy to occupy their minds”, said said LeDon Paige, Central Bark owner and operator.

Central Bark’s newest service includes a dog booth.

For a small fee, the taxi will take your beloved puppies to and from your home to make your day easier.

“The dogs we have in the Canine Cab right now love it,” Paige said. “They know when we stop and run and jump in their little cages to come to daycare.”

Central Bark has many special events for the holidays coming up for you and your pooch, including their Coffee with Dogs taking place on October 27th.

If you’ve got a feathered friend instead of a furry friend, Tumbleweed Aviary opened their first brick and mortar store after previously only being at the flea market and special events.

At Tumbleweed Aviary socializing the birds is their top priority. They believe this specialization is what sets them apart and allows them to breed feathered best friends.

“This is the key to having a pet bird, socializing,” said Scott Mazzara, owner of Tumbleweed Aviary. “You socialize him, you talk to him, you manage him, you do everything. He’s your new best friend. Without that, you’re going to ‘have a bird that’s not going to be very nice. So you want to be with this bird as much as you can be. “

The Tumbleweed Aviary hand feeds all the chicks available for purchase.

The aviary offers a wide variety of birds, from parakeets to Quakers and many more.

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