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Pet store: My cat won’t let me work | Blog: The pet store

Lately Nigel has started interfering with my work.

He started to sit on the table where I work at home so he could watch me while I tried to work. When that doesn’t get my attention, he starts “crying” to me.

Next is headbutting my hand, making it difficult to use the computer mouse as I try to dodge his bobbing head.

When it doesn’t work, it lies right next to my hand. Since the table is against the wall, when he does that, I have absolutely no leeway.

When he really desperately needs my attention, he lays his head or his whole body on my hand.

Sometimes he does it around mealtime, so I understand his motivation. He wants food and I don’t give it to him in a timely manner (which is NOW for cats). Fair enough.

But he will also do it after he has had breakfast, in the middle of the day, even on those very long days when I am still working long after dinner time has passed and he has already been fed. So I know it’s not always about food.

He’s a very affectionate cat, so maybe he’s just wanting to get a little more attention. Although I stroke and caress him all the time so he doesn’t feel deprived.