Pet shop

Pet store owner asks for help locating missing parrot after burglary

Charlie, a 15-year-old orange-winged Amazon, disappeared after a break-in at the Caves Pet Shop on Peterborough Road, Crowland on Thursday.

Rebecca Cave feared Charlie had been taken away by the same assailants who had stolen a number of collars, leashes and other items from the shop in the early hours of Thursday morning.

It is believed an attempt was also made to rob Charlie but he escaped and then flew out the door.

Buddy, the parrot who lived alongside Charlie, remained in his cage but was found covered in blue spray paint and required eye treatment after the attack.

The couple have lived together for six years and Rebecca pleaded for anyone who saw Charlie to get in touch. Buddy and Charlie both live in the store but are Rebecca’s own pets and not for sale.

He was last seen over the weekend near Mason’s Bridge, near Newborough.

Hopefully Charlie can stay close to home and land on bird feeders when he gets hungry in the next few days.

Rebecca said: ‘My first thought was for the animals and seeing the state they were in was upsetting everyone. It was not necessary.

“My attention quickly turned to where Charlie had been. People have been really supportive since it happened and when I heard he was seen nearby I was relieved. that they didn’t get him. I thought at least he was alive and ok.

“Obviously I would prefer him to come back, but if there was a good result, it was because he hid his freedom.

“Hopefully he starts landing on the bird feeders when he gets hungry and we can catch him.

“I think it’s going to be quite difficult and we need the help of everyone who has seen it.”

Anyone who thinks they have seen Charlie should call the store on 01733 810888.