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Pupperz Pet Grooming Has High Hopes For A New Home In New Port Richey | New

NEW PORT RICHEY – When it’s time to groom our dogs, one of the most important aspects of finding a groomer is knowing that we can trust them to do a great job and take care of our pets. company.

Jennifer Davis of Pupperz Pet Grooming says she has the experience and training to make sure your furry friend receives quality service. She recently opened at 5936 Main St., New Port Richey after moving from Massachusetts Avenue, and business is booming for her grooming services and dog shop.

“I wanted to change the way the industry is viewed, with Petco and PetSmart going through a bunch of lawsuits,” Davis said. “I give dogs a calming experience, I use essential oils, and I don’t babysit for five hours at a stretch. Some places will require you to drop all the dogs at the same time and work on them. I take a dog and I do it, then I take the next dog. It makes a huge difference. “

Davis has been grooming for six years and is self-taught. His passion for dogs stems from his volunteering for humanitarian society as a teenager. Davis said she enjoys taking grooming classes whenever she can attend and is always looking to improve her knowledge, from styling trends to grooming techniques.

Davis’s experience has led her to catch ear infections and even some cancers from dogs that walk through her doors, although she explains that she is not a veterinarian and will highly recommend the doctor. pet owner to obtain professional advice.

One of the biggest challenges in opening a business is that Davis said she struggles to find more help. She is looking for experienced groomers to join her team. Currently, Davis is working with her parents and her husband. Over the past year, with COVID keeping people at home, Davis said many residents have added dogs to their families, which has been great for his business.

Now that Davis is in the city center, across from the public library, Pupperz Pet Grooming is visible to those walking their dogs. His shop and bakery offer refreshments for dogs, including a ‘Bark Brew’ which comes in the form of chicken beer (and is just flavored water) for people who like to take their dogs out. bars with them. Davis’s company partnered with the Downtown Dog Club and participated in the first “Yappy Hour” at the Dented Keg.

The shop offers items ranging from harnesses and brushes to toys and treats. The baked goods are made with fresh ingredients that are healthy for your dog, and Davis even bakes birthday cakes for dogs. She asks people to order a week in advance to give her time to prepare it.

Davis’s passion for animals knows no bounds and she is always involved in local animal shelters. She offered a free bath at the shelter and collected food. Davis said she hopes to host adoption events at her business in the future.

If you’re still not convinced, his Google reviews speak volumes. Many people who walk through its doors leave satisfied, and word of mouth spreads quickly about its grooming services.

For more information call 727-836-9988 or search for Pupperz Pet Grooming on Facebook.

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