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Several charred birds and animals in pet store fire – the New Indian Express

Through Express news service

VIJAYAWADA: A fire broke out on Sunday evening in a decoration and pet store, Ghar Sansar, in Governorpet, Vijayawada. In the accident, birds, ornamental fish and other pets were charred to death. Governorpet Police Inspector MVS Nagaraju said the fire started around 11 p.m., possibly due to a short in the electrical panel. Noticing the fire, residents informed the store owner who rushed to the scene and alerted both police and firefighters. Ghar Sansar sells home decor items, ornamental fish, and pets such as dogs and birds.

Police said the timely action of residents, police teams and firefighters prevented the flames from spreading to other stores. Two firefighters from the Krishna Lanka fire station were commissioned, which extinguished the flames in less than an hour. The loss of property is estimated at around Rs 20 lakh.

Following a management complaint, a case was registered. “No casualties were reported in the incident other than animals. Firefighters took samples on site to determine the real reason for the incident. An accidental fire case has been recorded and an investigation is underway », Declared the inspector.

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