Pet grooming

Shropshire company wins contract for BBC pet grooming program

Mutneys Directors Jamie and Stephanie Roberts

Mutneys Professional Pet Care Ltd, based in Stoke Heath, near Market Drayton, has provided all the equipment for the BBC’s new Pooch Perfect dog grooming competition series, which aims to find the best dog groomer in Great- Brittany.

The Mutneys gear is now featured on the BBC One show hosted by actress Sheridan Smith and featuring 16 leading pet groomers. The eight-episode contest kicked off on January 7 and will conclude with the Top Dog Groomer crowning next month.

Mutneys director and co-owner Jamie Roberts explained that the TV show producers approached the company last year.

“We have been involved in the dog grooming industry for 25 years and we know Colin Taylor who is one of the judges,” he said.

“He recommended us to the production company because he knew we were experienced and flexible enough to do whatever they needed to do.

“As a result, we were able to tailor the electric height adjustable tables and tubs to their specifications and supply all dryers, clippers, brushes, shampoos and conditioners. It was a bit of a rush to do it for the start of filming last summer, but it’s great to see all of our efforts on display on the show now that it’s started. “


Jamie added that the welfare of the dogs was the top priority for the show with a vet and support team available at all times to ensure all of the animals’ needs were taken care of.

“The production team was keen to use only products that were fully tested and safe to use. All of our shampoos and conditioners are specifically formulated for dogs and have been developed over the past 25 years to comply with all animal welfare regulations.

He said Mutneys was thrilled to be involved in the show and that the entire nine-person crew were glued to the show’s first two episodes.

“What’s good about the show is that it showcases the skills of professional dog groomers by focusing on grooming companion dogs rather than show dogs. It really shows how great it is to make your pet look and feel great and how much training professional groomers need to have, ”he said.