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Sirens: pre-purchased kitten stolen from a pet store; Yelm Business loses $ 30,000 due to fraud; Alcohol stolen from Safeway; Yelmite discovers his trailer was stolen while on vacation; Renewed mail theft occurs at Yelm residences; Repeated theft of vehicle parts

By the Nisqually Valley Press Team

Sirens – Yelm Police Department

Pre-purchased kitten stolen from a pet store

Mindy Renee Kuenzi, who owns a pet and grooming store, called police on Tuesday May 4 to report the alleged theft of a Maine Coon kitten.

The feline was allegedly stolen from the unsecured display case, the report says.

Apparently pre-purchased by a customer, the kitten is valued at $ 1,600. Many people had asked to buy the kitten, but Kuenzi had to push them away, informing them of its pre-purchased status, the report says.

A rare breed, the kitten is a male, gray and mottled, with extra toes on all of its feet.

Panicked, Kuenzi posted a myriad of photos on social media as part of a campaign to get the cat back.

There was no surveillance video available from the store.

Yelm Business loses $ 30,000 due to fraud

The first finishers reported to the police on Wednesday, May 5, a series of counterfeits that had occurred in the company for a total amount of $ 30,000.

Employees of the company, located at 607 Yelm Ave. W., did not catch the first of the two fakes, according to the report, and were not alerted to the fraud until after the second fake was discovered.

It is believed that the counterfeits were linked and perpetrated by the same entity.

I have to get this alcohol: Safeway Shoplifting Spree

Yelm Safeway reported the shoplifting of $ 229.97 of alcohol, among other proceeds, on Wednesday, May 5, according to police reports.

Reporting party Jeremy Wood told police the crime suspect was driving a white Kia Forte bearing a license plate that police found registered as John R. Stahle, the report said.

The suspect allegedly pushed a cart with paper towels and numerous bottles of alcohol past all outlets and into the parking lot, loading alcohol into the Kia, according to the report.

Stahle could not be located to determine if he was the person who allegedly stole the products.

A criminal citation for third degree theft was issued to Stahle, and was mailed to his last known address.

Yelmite finds out his trailer was stolen while on vacation

Scott Cole, of Yelm, contacted police on Monday, May 3, and told them his trailer had been stolen from his driveway, according to a police report.

Cole called while on vacation, telling police his neighbor had contacted him about the alleged theft, the report says.

According to the report, a police officer went to the residence on Umtanum Street and confirmed that the trailer was missing.

The trailer would be a red flatbed utility trailer that contained garden and yard tools, for a total of no more than $ 1,000.

There is no footage of the alleged theft, as there are no surveillance cameras in the area, so there are no current suspects for the incident.

Renewed mail theft occurs at Yelm residences

Parkview Street in Yelm was the scene of an alleged mail theft, according to a police report.

A man called the police on Monday, May 3, to inform the police that an unknown “had searched all the mailboxes in the neighborhood,” the report said.

The declarant filmed the event on his home surveillance video camera, along with footage of the suspect’s vehicle.

According to the report, the man is a disabled veteran and said his VA-issued Oxycodone, which included 40 pills valued at $ 800, disappeared from his mailbox after the alleged theft.

Police are waiting for the man to set a time to file the footage of the alleged theft, so there is no further information at this time, the report said.

Related, a mail thief walked by and allegedly stole a tablecloth from a residence mailbox a few weeks ago.

Repeated theft of vehicle parts poisons the Yelm community

Yelm has once again become the target of those allegedly stealing and selling catalytic converters, with two incidents in the business occurring last week.

Earl Nelms was touring the area from California, staying at the Prairie Hotel, when he noticed his catalytic converter had been cut from his vehicle, according to a police report.

Nelms reportedly called police on the morning of Monday, May 3, saying that an alleged theft of a part of the motor vehicle had occurred overnight, while his car was parked in the hotel parking lot.

According to the report, Nelms or hotel staff did not hear anything suspicious overnight.

The hotel manager requested the surveillance footage of the parking lot and, pending review of the video, there are currently no suspects for the alleged crime.

The missing catalytic converter is estimated to be worth $ 750.

And when the second victim, Timothy Sneed, left his job on Thursday, May 6, he noticed his vehicle was louder than usual, according to a police report.

“He went home and checked under the vehicle and determined that the exhaust had been cut cleanly,” the report said.

Related, the catalytic converter from a vehicle in the city of Yelm was allegedly stolen last month, the Nisqually Valley News reported.

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