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South Florida pet grooming, boarding houses go the extra mile, saving pets too

HOLLYWOOD, Florida. – Pet owners love their babies, so it’s no surprise that pet grooming, boarding, walking and daycare businesses can be found in every corner of South Florida.

But one store goes beyond making money and saving lives by adopting pets.

Gretchen Hinners has spent most of her life playing with puppies, now she also takes them on board when their parents are away.

“I love them, I love getting to know them and discovering new breeds and animals, but I really want everyone to find a home,” Hinners said.

Hinners owns A paw above in Hollywood, a business she built from the ground up. This is no ordinary pet care stop and shop. It’s a unique mix of paying customers and an orphanage of sorts.

That’s because A Paw Above Grooming & Doggy Daycare is also A Paw Above Pet Rescue.

“I can probably list you a good number of clients who have adopted their second or third dog just by seeing them in the pictures and asking, ‘Oh, who’s my dog’s friend? Hey, who’s that guy? I see him all the time! He looks so cute!” she said.

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A Paw Above doesn’t just adopt dogs. There are kittens, rabbits, a chinchilla, and even skunks and prairie dogs.

The place is a zoo!

But it’s also a life-saving home for animal adoptions and pet services.

“We’re here to help, whether you want us to come to your home, need to leave your pet here, or are looking for a pet,” Hinners said.

A Paw Above is located at 699 S. Federal Hwy., just south of Young Circle.

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