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Souvenirs from a popular Norths pet store in Maindee

STEVE Sims, a member of our We Grew Up in Newport Facebook group recently asked other members this question: “Who can remember the Maindee pet store?”

His question received 162 responses from some of the 12,700 group members who remembered the store, which was called Norths.

Tina Kerslake: “I loved going there, I was always talking to the parrot and the mynah bird.”

Paul Jenkins: “I loved it when I was a kid in the 50s and 60s. I loved the smell of the place.”

Shirley Sandercock: “Yes my son and his friend came home with two white mice. They ended up in the coal bunker and the next morning we had two families of mice.”

Sara JoAngle: “I loved going to see the fish”

David Scarf: “Had a mynah bird called Micheal.”

John Webb: “And Michael used to swear, if I remember correctly! Nice shop, nice memories!”

Cheryl Bendall: “North’s – a lovely pet store. They had a mynah bird that said hello to you when you walked in. I think his name was Michael.”

Caroline Draper: “I used to walk to Maindee from Moorland Park every Friday with my babies in their pram. I always called Norths for flowers for my mother who lived in Albert Avenue at the time. ”

Sue Witchard: “I used to go there every fortnight to visit Buster and Priscilla. They were parrots. There was another Henry, and a macaw. Micheal, the mynah bird always used to scream. her name.

“I spent many happy hours there with Buster on my arm, talking to him. He would respond. The only problem with Buster was that he never wanted me to go. He was pecking me and screaming for me to go. the store owner Mr. North, I always had to bring him down and when I walked out of the store he would always say goodbye to me.

“I loved this bird, and I think he loved me. When I walked into the store, he was howling and shouting hello.

“I went to visit him one day and he wasn’t there. I spoke to Mr. North who told him he was dead. I was heartbroken. I cried all the way back. return.

“It was the best parrot ever, a very intelligent bird. I was emptied, I couldn’t go back to the store, it was the only parrot that spoke.”

Yvonne Davies: “I loved Norths. Maindee was a nice area for shopping at the time, as that has changed!

Janette Leverson: “Bought the biggest and best hamster in the world called Teddy.”

Nadia Power: “I remember those days. I worked at Boots. I loved Maindee.”

Ann Davies: “Yes, Maindee was a great place to live and work back then. I don’t recognize the place now.”

Joanna Ellen Hale: “What a joy Norths gave us. How nice for us to share such happy memories. We always came to eat rabbits or just see the birds.”


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