Pet shop

Stolen bird found, back at Animal House pet store

Bird is the word. Image via Ettore Balocchi via Flickr / CC 2.0

An exotic bird torn from a pet store in St. Petersburg has been found unharmed, police say.

A rare red-fronted macaw was recovered from Animal House Pet Center on November 3. The South American bird is endangered and worth $ 3,800.

St. Pete Police said they charged Andy Burnett, 37, with “grand theft in connection with bird flight”.

Police said Thursday evening the macaw was returned to pet store owner Steve Silk.

Police said the bird was dropped off at the Fur Ever Friends veterinary clinic in South Pasadena on Thursday and that employees “immediately recognized it as
the missing bird was seen in reports and called authorities.

The SPPD released video footage of a man seen picking up the macaw from the store without paying him.

Police said the case was still under investigation.

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