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Teton Pet Grooming Expo comes to Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – The Teton Pet Grooming Expo made its first appearance in Idaho Falls at the Shilo Inn this weekend.

The goal was for animal groomers to learn more about their craft and improve or supplement their skills for the job.

Gabrielle Phinney, the organizer of the event, says it is the first event of its kind in the region.

She says, “All the groomers are absolutely thrilled to have finally brought something like this to this area for the first time.”

Phinney also says that for most pet groomers in the area, the closest opportunities for them to attend similar shows and conferences, groomers will have to travel long distances.

“The closest shows around us are over 14 hours away. So we kind of miss continuing our education here unless we’re willing to fly or drive that far to be able to do things That’s why we wanted to be able to bring some education here to groomers,” Phinney said.

She says even the kids are enjoying the event: “A lot of the kids are walking around picking things up, learning what they are and asking other groomers about it and I think the youngsters definitely learned a lot. “We have a lot of seminars. We even held free seminars for kids, just to help them learn how to take care of their pets at home.”

The exhibit included seminars for groomers and members of the public to enjoy and learn more about pet grooming and care. There were also many different tables that show attendees could purchase new grooming equipment and have the option of using in the field. Pet groomers even had the chance to enter a grooming contest.

Chris “Bear” Anthony was at the show as a salesman for a company called Evolution, a pet hair scissors company, and was an instructor for some of the seminars.

She says having the exposure where so many different groomers can still be close to home is a huge plus. “It’s hard for a lot of groomers to come to physical salons because you have to be away from work. So it’s time away from your salon, your business. It’s a lot of travel. So if it’s It’s something you can drive, it makes a huge difference whether or not the groomers can attend,” Anthony said.

She says she participated in an exhibition where so many people had the chance to improve their knowledge in their field.

Anthony says that with over 20 years experience in the pet grooming industry, seeing newcomers at a show like this is a happy occasion. “I mean I’m thrilled with how it all turned out,” Anthony said.

Phiney says she plans to bring the exhibit back next year and hopes it will continue to grow in the years to come.