Pet grooming

TGP teaches the art of pet grooming to help struggling parents find jobs

Valuable puppy received grooming services via The Grooming Project // Photo courtesy of The Grooming Project Facebook

The Grooming Project (TGP), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping struggling parents find employment through pet grooming, has opened a shelter.

The multi-family transitional housing facility is two blocks from TGP’s pet grooming school on Troost. With the help of many donors, six students and their young children occupied the residence until they graduated from the 9-month training program, got a pet grooming job, and moved on to housing. long-term.

“This dream has been in the works for several years, and the end product is even better than any of us could have imagined,” said Jarrod Sanderson, COO of The Grooming Project.

The first group of students moved in on April 23 and said it felt right at home according to Sanderson. This opportunity allows them to focus on their education and stabilize their families by removing the burden of finding safe and affordable housing.

Before the facility was built, unstable housing was one of the main reasons students did not complete the TGP program. Students may not have a rental or credit history and may have been evicted from previous residences. Previous convictions and limited income are other obstacles to securing housing in the private market.

“We have many great family programs and activities in mind, and our staff and volunteers are eager to get started,” said Sanderson.

So far, more than 70 adults with a history of generational poverty, chronic unemployment, domestic violence, substance abuse and repeated trauma have graduated from the TGP program. The association boasts a 100% placement rate for graduates, 80% of whom keep their jobs six months after graduation.

You can find more information about TGP on their website.