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The Best Pet Grooming Accessories That Will Save Dog Owners Money

The Paws Of Luxury Shop asked 1,000 dog owners to choose pet grooming accessories they thought would save them money. The online store that sells everything a pet owner could possibly need has now revealed the best pet grooming accessories.

A one-stop-shop for quality pet products and accessories today revealed what its customers think are the best money-saving pet grooming accessories. Luxury Boutique Legs ( who said they wouldn’t be beaten on price, asked 1,000 dog owners to take a survey to find the best pet grooming products.

The popular online pet store, whose prices are so low it recently challenged Amazon to beat them, asked those who took the survey to choose pet grooming products under $40. Now that the results are in, Paws Of Luxury have unveiled the top two pet grooming accessories chosen by their customers. One of the pet grooming accessories is priced at just $29.99 while the other is priced at $34.99.

The pet grooming accessory that came in first place was the pet grooming tool ( It is a popular pet accessory and the price is only $29.99. Since its recent launch on the Paws Of Luxury store, over 5387 people have purchased this item.

The pet grooming tool can help dog owners save money grooming their own dog. On average, the cost of grooming a dog at a professional grooming salon can range between $40-75. Dogs need to be groomed at least six times a year, which can be expensive. Pet grooming tools allow dog owners to groom their dog at home at no extra cost.

In second place as the best pet grooming accessory is the professional rechargeable dog nail grinder. It is priced at just $34.99 and allows dog owners to trim their dog’s nails at home. It is easy to use and requires no experience. For more information, please visit

Paws Of Luxury sells many pet products and accessories. All products are available at their lowest possible price and come with fast shipping service and a full warranty. To see the full range of products available, please visit

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