Pet shop

The garden center and pet shop application on ODZ in Attard will be heard by PA council on Thursday

An overall development request offering a large garden center and a pet shop in Attard on ODZ land is presented to the town planning council on Thursday.

The claim site is at the end of Sqaq tal-Hofra on what is described by the caseworker as “undeveloped rural land” bordered by rubble stone walls and assorted shrubs and prickly pears.

The proposed development is divided into three main areas: 3,900 m² of indoor space / greenhouses, which house plants, pots, landscaping tools, compost and fertilizer; 850m² of open spaces; and the rest: around 190 m2 set aside for educational purposes, 1,000 m2 of shops, an auxiliary cafeteria, an auxiliary administration, parking for customers and staff, auxiliary shops and staff facilities, we read in the report of the officer in charge of the case.

The request had already been submitted to the town planning commission. She asked that, given the scale of the project, she go to the Town Planning Council.

ERA opposed the proposal from an environmental point of view as it considered that the nature of the proposed development seeks to further formalize the landscape by consolidating commercial activities within this site which is identified as an agricultural area. .

“It is evident that the proposed development would have a significant cumulative impact on the surrounding rural environment, which is relatively open and undisturbed,” ERA said in its objection.

The person in charge of the file noted that this request for planning permission cannot be considered favorably due to the lack of information relating to the justification of the proposal in terms of the exercise of site selection and location of the works, d visual impact and environmental studies. “The proposal is therefore recommended for refusal.”