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The new HB pet store will offer professional grooming

A Huntington Beach woman will be opening a pet store next month where owners can wash their dogs, have them professionally groomed or purchase specialty food, treats and toys.

Three-year-old resident Katie Randall plans to open EarthWise Pet at 8901 Atlanta Ave. in mid-September. The store is part of an Oregon-based national chain, founded in 1977, which also has branches in San Diego and the Bay Area.

Randall’s location is Orange County’s premier EarthWise store, which focuses primarily on dog related products and services.

It will include two self-washing tubs, where owners can wash their dogs with different types of shampoos to address allergies and skin conditions.

Katie Randall poses for a photo outside her Earthwise Pet store on Atlanta Ave. in Huntington Beach.

(Photo by Drew A. Kelley)

“It’s a lot easier than doing it yourself at home,” said Randall, 31, who previously worked in marketing and sales for the American Heart Assn.

Randall said that while working for the American Heart Assn., She learned about human nutrition. Most of the lessons she learned can also be applied to animals, she said.

“I’ve learned a lot about the impact of nutrition on humans, how we feel, our overall health and the energy levels we have,” said Randall, who will be joined at the store seven days a week with his Morkie, 4 years old. named Mathilde. “Our products focus on higher quality, with simpler, healthier and easier to understand ingredients.”

The store will also sell pet food suitable for different diets, allergies and budgets, as well as toys and other pet products like dog sunscreen.

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