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The new Neabot P1 Pro All-in-One Pet Grooming and Vacuum Kit is a must have tool for do-it-yourself (DIY) pet grooming and professional groomers

The New Neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming and Vacuuming Kit

Neabot P1 Pro â„¢ is the latest pet grooming product from Neabot Tech, maker of smart home cleaning devices. The Neabot P1 Pro clips and cleans pets and vacuums into one easy-to-use unit. The all-in-one professional grooming kit is equipped with 5 grooming tools for cats and dogs. The product solves grooming problems by removing messy pet hair, excessive noise, and bulky grooming tools.

Over 65% of households in the United States own a pet. The pet grooming industry in the United States is valued at $ 7 billion in annual revenue (IBISWorld). Many pet owners are looking for new ways to save money and take care of their furry companions. This has led to an increase in do-it-yourself (DIY) grooming nationwide. Regular pet grooming can reduce dust, dander, make your pet look their best, increase bonding between owners and their pets, and reduce allergens.

Human allergies to dogs and cats affect 20% of the world’s population (according to a 2018 study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information) and are a growing public health problem as these rates rise. Regular grooming and reducing pet hair and dander can reduce symptoms associated with allergies.

Benefits of the Neabot Pet Grooming Kit and Vacuum

  • Pet grooming clippers come with 5 tools: a grooming brush, a discoloration brush to prevent damage to the topcoat while promoting a soft, smooth and healthier skin and coat for the pet . There are also cutting and collecting tools. There’s even a tool for vacuuming and brushing animal feet.
  • The electric mower offers excellent cutting performance; The nozzle head and cleaning brush can be used to pick up pet hair falling on carpet, sofa and floor.
  • Low noise design.
  • 4 comfort protection combs. The adjustable trimming combs are interchangeable to trim hair of different lengths.
  • After-sales service – 1 year warranty and 45-day worry-free return. Neabot offers 24/7 service after purchase.
  • Regular grooming and reduction of pet hair and dander can reduce symptoms associated with pet allergies.
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) dog grooming is on the rise and even more so since the pandemic. Pet owners want to save money and invest in grooming tools to care for their pets.

About Neabot

The Neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming and Vacuum Kit is a new product from Neabot Tech, a manufacturer of smart home cleaning devices. The advanced technology used in the P1 Pro helps pet owners brush and vacuum up dirt, save money, easily remove undercoat, reduce carpets and hot spots for a longer coat healthy and a happier animal. The Neabot P1 Pro MSRP is $ 169.99 and is available on Amazon and the Neabot website. Wholesale inquiries are welcome. Please visit for more information.

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