Pet salon

The pet salon offers a variety of services

PORTSMOUTH — Dog owners who frequent the city center now have a new grooming salon to take their canine companions.

The Pawtsmouth grooming salon has been open for around a month on Daniel Street and already owner Jessica Roy said she is starting to see interest from local dog owners who need their pets cared for and polite. .

Roy, a graduate of Portsmouth High School, said her passion for dog grooming has been going on for nearly 20 years and has taken her to various places across the country and the world.

More recently, Roy said she was in Ireland grooming show dogs, one of which belonged to the country’s president. But while the experience of being overseas was rewarding, Roy said she decided to return to the United States to pursue her dream of opening a specialty salon in her hometown.

“I can do it in my sleep,” Roy said of his passion for grooming dogs.

According to Roy, the trick to dealing with dogs that might be anxious about being groomed or bathed is to make them as comfortable as possible.

“Dogs can be stressed,” she said. “We try to keep them calm. A lot of it is just patience. You have to go at their pace.”

The salon offers full care services such as baths, nails, ear cleaning/waxing, shampoo and conditioner treatment, blueberry facials, and haircuts.

Prices for full grooming services range from $40 for a very small dog to $80 for a very large dog. There will also be an express grooming option for short-haired breeds, Roy said. This service ranges from $25 for a very small dog to $65 for a very large dog. Other services offered include flea baths for $5 to $10 and other walk-in services such as nail trimming, nail filing, eyebrow trimming, and gland expression.

Roy said she also sells holistic dog products like Olive Leaf Aromatic Calming Spray.

And for dog owners worried about how their dog will interact with others, Roy said she deliberately schedules appointments two hours apart.

“We do individual care,” she said.

Roy says what sets his business apart from other grooming services in the community is the fact that it is located downtown. An owner can drop off their dog and then go shopping or grab a coffee while they wait, Roy said.

“There is no dog too small or too big,” she said. “We do everything from Great Danes to Toy Poodles.”

Pawtsmouth Grooming Salon Address: 85 Daniel St., Portsmouth Telephone: 373-8590 Hours: 9am-4pm Closed Sundays and Wednesdays

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