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This $ 20 pet grooming kit attaches directly to your vacuum cleaner to make brushing your furry friend a cinch

Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming and Shed Vacuum Accessory Kit


Regular grooming of your pet is the best way to ensure that your home is not covered with a layer of fur, but ironically, grooming your pet regularly usually means covering your home with a layer of fur. . If you’ve tried everything, including hair removal combs that promise easy cleaning, self-cleaning brushes, etc. Attachment.

The $ 20 Pet Grooming Vacuum Accessory Kit will make it easy to remove your furry friend – and without the need for additional cleaning afterwards. The kit comes with a 46 inch hose and a universal vacuum adapter (for circular plug vacuums) long enough that you can hide your vacuum cleaner while grooming your pet, a vacuum grooming tool, a shedding comb, flea comb, and upholstery or cat brush. Buyers who have Shark vacuums, Rainbow vacuums and more say it fits their devices perfectly.

Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming and Shed Vacuum Accessory Kit

Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming and Shed Vacuum Accessory Kit


Buy it! Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming and Shedding Accessory, $ 20.04;

The grooming tool is essential as it allows you to remove any excess fur from your pet, without any excess hair flying around. Instead, it sucks the fur straight into your vacuum – and it can also be used on your furniture to clean stains. The three interchangeable combs are great for ridding your pet of stuck-on debris, leaves, burrs, dander, pollen, or ticks, and they’re especially useful if your pet has a thick undercoat. The three size options also ensure a fit for each breed and size.

Buyers are amazed at the quality and effectiveness of the kit. One wrote: “I have been a dog owner for a long time. Having mainly Goldens, I have used many types of hair loss brushes and tools, the most effective being the Furminator. This product is 10 times better than that! “

“I’m so glad I found this,” says another Amazon customer. “I have a German Shepherd who is losing his hair like crazy… I don’t have to worry about cleaning the hair with a brush because his hair goes straight into the vacuum cleaner. It saves me money. at the groomer. Best thing I ever bought for my furry pet. “

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If you’re understandably skeptical of your dog or cat’s willingness to be groomed with the vacuum cleaner attachment, an Amazon reviewer – whose 100-pound shepherd has a “noise phobia” – says his dog “thinks he’s getting a massage” every time he uses the tool on him. His owner also says the puppy loves him so much that he “basically had to wake him up” when it was time to groom his other side. A cat owner jokes that “Bobby the cat loves his spa treatment” and the feline eagerly jumps into his lap once he hears the vacuum starting.

If you’re ready to rid your home and pet of excess fur, over 2,000 Amazon reviewers recommend the Penn-Plax VacGroom vacuum attachment for grooming and hair loss.

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