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This beloved pet grooming kit is 20% off on Amazon

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From the ups of watching your dog run across a park to you, to the downs of cleaning up their fourth accident of the day, training and raising a puppy is an emotional roller coaster – and expensive. Grooming is something all dogs need on a regular basis, but frequent trips to the groomer quickly get expensive, and all the biting, pushing, and hair clipper noises can make a dog anxious.

So over 7,500 dog owners are keeping their best friends calm (and saving a lot of money) with the Pet Union Professional Grooming Kit. The dog grooming kit includes an electric clipper, scissors and a nail clipper. The clipper runs on what the brand calls a “precision low vibration motor,” which means it’s not loud and likely won’t scare your dog, and its cordless design makes it easy to use anywhere. you want it, even outdoors. In addition, the blades are contoured to avoid cutting the hair too short or accidentally injuring its skin.

Right now, as part of Amazon’s Cyber ​​Week deals, the set is 20% off when you enter the code 20CYBERPET at the register.

Buy it! Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit, $ 26.39 with code 20CYBERPET (orig. $ 32.99);

“Save me a bundle!” One buyer titled his review. They continued, “My dog ​​was terrified of going to the groomer. I have tried having clippers in the past, but they were too loud and made him anxious. Desperate, I decided to ‘try again and I’m glad I did. These mowers are quiet, which was most important to him, and easy to use, which is great for me. Recommended to anyone who is sensitive to the feelings of their dog and want to save a lot of money every six weeks. “

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