Pet house

This pet house is designed like an accordion with silicone and magnets so it can be flat packed!

Most people avoid using pet houses in their home because it takes up too much space and they can’t tidy it up the way they can with the pet beds. But Accordio is here to solve that dilemma, it’s a portable, flexible, accordion-like pet house that can be enlarged for your pet’s use or flat-packed if you have guests!

The shape of the accordio was inspired by the designer’s niece who had a silicone plate. “I was intrigued by its flexibility and portability. After some research, I found that silicone also had a fascinating collapsible function, which was then adapted into a collapsible house, ”says Seong. The Unique Pet House is a study of portable pet furniture. The silicone makes it super light and gives it a distinct foldable feature. The silicone not only makes it easy to carry for outdoor activities or travel, but it is also very easy to clean. The accordio can be compressed to 1 / 6th of its size by pushing on both sides. The included fabric cushion easily adapts to the folded shape for portability.

The biggest challenge was keeping the pet house in a flattened shape when it collapsed. Seong explored several ways, like snaps, suspenders, etc. But among all, the magnetic frames were chosen to be the ideal final solution as they offered structural stability as well as visual clarity. There are a total of eight magnetic frames in the structure of the Accordio and each magnetic frame is reinforced for added stability. When folded up, these frames adhere to each other and keep it compact.

Accordio Pet House by Yongwook Seong is winner in the Pet Supplies and Products category, 2020-2021.

Designer: Yongwook Seong

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