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Tiffany’s Pet Salon under new owner and thriving

Tiffany staff Reanna Correa, Kathy Wiktorek, Ava Jernigan, Beth Cornwall, owner Joe Cipolla.

In Mint Hill, there is a family business of professional groomers who have a combined level of experience of almost 35 years in pet grooming.

Front entrance to the store.

Owners Joe and Amy Cipolla have approximately eight years of experience in the business. The team of expert stylists Reanna Correa, Kathy Wiktorek, Beth Cornwell, Ava Jernigan and Maura Webster have over 26 years of experience in grooming pets to smell good, look good and look good after the animal received full or mini grooming and a wonderful soapy bath. massage.

The owners began their part-time careers at a pet salon in Long Island, New York, with Joe’s sister, Letizia. In fact, Joe started learning the trade in a mobile grooming van with his sister before opening his own pet salon.

Big Fella taking a bath.

During the week Joe worked on the Staten Island Ferry for 4 years as a deckhand. Joe and Amy have two children and wanted to have a better life outside of Brooklyn with more open space. So they sold their house and moved to the Charlotte area and bought the Pet Salon in Mint Hill last July.

“Pet grooming is great business, you have to have passion for your clients and compassion for animals,” Joe said. He added that “it’s all about the end product, getting customer satisfaction and building relationships.”

A cute little guy who gets treatment.

Joe also wanted to maintain continuity and stability at the show and it was important for him to keep the current staff in place. “The stylists are all professional, their dedication, skill, commitment and passion to making the experience a positive experience for the animal and our customers is amazing,” said Joe.

A pet salon is very different from a barber shop or hair salon. The majority of pets are nice, while others are more aggressive or just nervous about the experience. Above all, for the first time to be cut, groomed, nails cut and have a damp soapy bath.

OK, you can have my paw.

Stylists need to gain the trust of the animals so that the animal can enjoy the experience. Occasionally, they need to muzzle an animal so that the animal does not accidentally injure itself, or the stylist simply because of the anxiety some animals experience. However, for the vast majority, it’s a nice day trip to the pet salon and a feeling of cleanliness and freshness once the grooming is done. Also, the excitement when pet owners arrive to retrieve the family pet wearing a sharp and elegant looking scarf.

To make an appointment, call 704-545-5195 or email [email protected] You can also check them out for more information on Facebook. The salon is conveniently located downtown at 11300 Lawyers Road in Mint Hill.

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