Pet shop

Unique pet store in Cornwall that is actually a dog bar

This is dog heaven, perfect for pooches, doggie delight, female dog – you get the picture. But The Doghouse is truly something special for the little (or big) four-legged friend in your life.

There is nowhere like it in Cornwall and I dare say the rest of the country.

The Doghouse is a pet store in Polperro but it’s much more than that. What other dog store has not one but two bars full of Bottom Sniffer “beer”, a ball pit, McDoggo’s drive-thru, Starbarks Cafe, and even an art gallery for dog vision (the yellow and blue are the best colors for dogs to see)?

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Dogs go crazy for the place, aided and abetted by a daily scent that’s fanned around the shop, which is compact for a corgi and jewel-enough for a bichon frize. Some days it may look like bacon, others it may be Cornish water, sausage or cheese.

The intriguing shop is the brainchild of Gareth Evans, who told CornwallLive: “I started out as a dog photographer, but realized I couldn’t have a shop just to do that, so we decided to do other things here and it grew from there..

Mitch behind the bar at The Doghouse

“We’ve been going there for four years and the word just keeps growing. We wanted it to be really different and interactive. It’s basically a bar for dogs – during the summer we sell around 40 bottles of ‘beer’ a day. The dogs love it here and because it’s a cute little shop, it can get completely manic!”

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One of the real draws is the 6,000 ball pool and a competition to see how fast your dog can retrieve three tennis balls from the pit – the top of the leaderboard for the past two years has been a Border Collie called Pippin who l did in ten amazing seconds.

There’s the drive-thru where your pampered pooch can poke his head through a car window while a fan blows his fur like he’s the Marilyn Monroe of pooches.

Gareth Evans and Mitch, who live opposite The Doghouse at the Ship Inn but can't stay away
Gareth Evans and Mitch, who live opposite The Doghouse at the Ship Inn but can’t stay away

And, of course, there’s the coffee bar stocked with toys and coffee-based treats. Both bars serve a range of fake Bozo booze – Bad Spaniels, Pawroni, Wagners, puns flow.

You will also find a range of harnesses, leashes and food. Basically everything a dog needs, wants and didn’t know he had to have is stocked in this amazing little shop on the street leading to Polperro Port.

The Doghouse is so popular that Gareth is now planning another store across the border in Devon. It’s a Cornish idea that could go a long way.