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Wag in Style in Cleona offers pet grooming and spa options

It may be over a year since you last had a spa experience, but chances are your pet has never had one. You now have the option of gifting them one at Cleona’s Wag in Style.

Located at 449 W. Penn Ave. in the Cleona Square Mall, which also includes Anytime Fitness, China Moon Cleona, and Giant, the recently opened pet salon offers both traditional grooming and more expensive, luxury treatments.

Melissa Houser, the 28 year old owner and operator of Wag in Style, grew up in Levittown and groomed animals for about 18 years.

She started out by helping her mother, who looked after pets when her daughter was only 3, and runs Angel Paws in New Jersey.

Melissa Houser, the owner of Wag in Style, 28, moved to Lebanon after growing up in Levittown, and cannot count the number of animals she has looked after since starting around 18 years ago.

For a while, Houser left the area to gain experience grooming pets in Southern California. She moved to Lebanon County after meeting her husband, a longtime local resident.

Houser said she probably couldn’t count the number of animals she was caring for, but probably looked after around 120 a month on average, including cats and dogs.

“As we kind of get into a new age of things, we kind of want our dogs and cats to have the spa experience like we have,” Houser said.

When asked why someone would prioritize their pet a spa visit before themselves or another, Houser replied, “Well, do you want your pet to feel good?”

Typical grooming at Wag in Style includes bathing, brushing, brushing and haircut, which is specific to the breed of the animal. All services are by appointment only. Prices vary because each dog and cat has a different size and a different temperament.

Those who are truly dedicated to going above and beyond, however, might consider one of the spa options, which cost anywhere from $ 10 to $ 50. The price is added to the normal cost of grooming. The options are only for dogs, as some of the ingredients in the products are not suitable for cats.

Wag in Style, a pet grooming and spa service, recently opened in Cleona at the Cleona Square Mall.

Options include, among others, Pawdicure (a Warren London foot bath, Paw Sani scrub, paw defense wax and nail grinding), Pepe Le Pee-Yew (eliminates skunk odor) and the Pampered Pup Spa Day (a fortifying Madra Mor Mud bath and massage, a facial scrub, a Warren London Paw Sani scrub and foot bath, grape seed oil for the nose, paw defense for pads and tooth brushing).

To ensure that dashing cats and other animals won’t be scared off by the bathing process, Houser uses a number of methods, including a sponge bathing technique that aims to calm the animal. According to the spa’s website, the products used are all natural.

Houser plans to eventually hire employees, but is currently the only one operating the location. She doesn’t think the coronavirus will be a major issue in the months to come as her business takes off. Despite initial fears, pets probably cannot spread the virus. The risk of contracting the virus during vaccination is minimal anyway.

Wag in Style is open from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. You can find out more about the company at or call 717-708-7946.

Hal Conte is a quality of life and mid-Pennsylvania reporter for the Lebanon Daily News. You can find him on Twitter at @conte_hal.

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